EHR "SimplePractice" to Add Group Practice Option

As healers, we genuinely like to do our work. Guiding clients through the therapy process and seeing them make progress is why we do what we do. But if you're in private practice, you know there's a lot going on in the back end and that it's crucial to run an efficient and organized business. 

One logistical aspect of private practice that can get tricky is scheduling. Google Calendar and other similar options are helpful, but they can leave something to be desired. I'd like to highlight the innovative management system SimplePractice as a solution to some of these challenges. 

Later this Spring, SimplePractice will launch a group option feature for scheduling, coordinating, and accessing information for clients. They understand that individuals with different roles in your organization should be privy to certain information. For example, supervisors needs to be able to view everything their therapists-in-training put in, while billers shouldn't be able to view sensitive information about clients. When these systems are separate, they can get confusing for all team members, but SimplePractice has consolidated them into one place in their forthcoming group option. Everyone just logs in with his/her individual name and password and then has access to specific info. 

Another recent development of SimplePractice's forthcoming group option is their updated online booking system. Therapists can designate their calendars to say when they are available so clients can schedule sessions. They even have a Call-To-Book feature so you can say when you're open to taking phone calls. How straightforward is that?

Because a group practice also complicates financial reporting SimplePractice group options will also include more in-depth financial reporting necessary. As a practice owner employing over a dozen therapists, I know how important financial reports are for employee payroll, tracking client accounts, accounts receivable, to name a few.  

Overall, SimplePractice is a GREAT management system to keep your practice running smoothly. And guess what? They're also sponsors for the upcoming "Most Awesome Conference" in California THIS weekend! I hope you've reserved your spot already; it will be a fantastic event! 

(A while ago, we sat down with Howard Spector, the founder of SimplePractice, and asked him about his experience creating a system specifically for therapists. Click here for the interview.)