How to Write Compelling Website Copy: Interview with Website Whisperer Nicole Bonsol

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I recently had the opportunity to interview Nicole Bonsol, a writing, branding, and graphic designer for healers. She helps therapists create an inviting and powerful website and best craft their message to engage with their viewers. I was fascinated at what Nicole had to say, especially because of her unique role in the process of helping clinicians reach their audience. 

Common Struggles Therapists Experience When Writing Website Copy

Nicole explained that many healers she's worked with are uncertain about self-disclosure and personal boundaries when it comes to creating their online presence (one of the ideas inherent to therapy is that the work ultimately isn't really about us, so it can seem confusing to be so forthcoming about ourselves). She also mentioned that anxiety and confidence issues can creep up into a therapist's psyche and make them doubt his/her ability to write effectively. 

Fear-based Marketing vs. Loved-Based Marketing

There are some interesting parallels between how Nicole reaches her target audience to how she helps therapists learn to reach their own. She mentioned that in years past, she was operating from a mindset of scarcity, or fear-she felt that in order to have business, she needed to scare potential clients into working with her (ie: "If you don't hire me to clean up your website, you'll go out of business."). However, as time went on, she realized that she could trust her work enough to kindly invite others to her services but not try to scare anyone into becoming a client. Consequently, she has been able to find success as a brand healer. Nicole expressed how she wants to inspire therapists to approach their marketing from a perspective of love, not one of fear.

Get Clear On Your Niche

We're all multi-faceted people with many different aspects to ourselves, and so it can be difficult to narrow in on a message to a single target group, or an ideal client. Nicole has helped some therapists dig deep into what they're really trying to accomplish and identify who they want to reach, then make the copy and design of their site speak to that specific demographic. 

How Cleaning Up Your Copy Helps You Find Success in Your Practice

I was pleased to hear some of the success stories Nicole has seen in working with therapists. She said that the main one is confidence; when healers are pleased with the communication they are sending out into the world, they are more likely to assertively refer people to their site, which can translate into more clients and additional professional opportunities.  

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Access Nicole's free writing course for therapists here
View her blog to learn about her 52 weeks of brand healing
See what Nicole is up to on her Instagram account!

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