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Twitter 101: Use 'Lists' To Follow Favorite Tweeps

Twitter home feed can be overwhelming for new users. The more people you follow, the more tweets show up on your profile page feed. Who has hours every day to read thousands of tweets? I sure don't. That's where Twitter "Lists" come in. I received this question from a therapist via email earlier this week, and it echoes the concerns of many therapists I've consulted with. How do I highlight users that I'm really interested in so I don't have to sort through the home feed?

I would like to follow more people on Twitter, but I only want (and have time) to see posts from about 15 select people every day.  Is there a way to separate those I want to see daily from the rest so I don't have to skim over tons of others?

That's what the Twitter "Lists" are for. You can create a list of favorite users that you want to follow more closely. Each list you create can have a unique name and can be marked as public (others can see and follow your list) or private (only you can see your list).  Then when you visit Twitter you can click on a specific list to see posts from only people you've assigned to that list.

I put together this basic step-by-step tutorial on how to set up "Lists" on Twitter. I hope it helps you maximize your time on Twitter!

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