Download Free Private Practice Toolbox Mobile App

Get private practice resources at your fingertips on your mobile phone or iPad with the new "Private Practice Toolbox" mobile app.

Several months ago I blogged about how to develop a mobile app for your practice, and how it's easier than you'd think. So, I got thinking, "Why not create a mobile app for this blog - Private Practice Toolbox?"

I imagined therapists around the world reading articles and getting support through this app on their mobile devices in between clients.  The first 500 downloads of this app are free.

There 2 different ways to install the Toolbox app on your mobile device:

1) Scan the QR code below on your mobile device with a bar code scanner (I use Red Laser). It will open the app on your mobile device on your mobile device. Then save the app to your mobile device's home screen.

2) Click this link and input your email address at the bottom of the page. The Private Practice Toolbox app will be emailed to you.  Access your email on your mobile device and click on app link. It will open the app in your mobile browser. Save the app to your mobile device home screen.

It's pretty simple. Let me know if you have any problems, any suggestions, or feedback.