Got Links? Who's Linking To Your Website?

Links.Incoming links to your site can help boost search engine rankings and act as a "vote of confidence" which increases traffic and brings in new clients to your therapy practice. Here's quick way to find out which sites are linking to your website:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your private practice website domain
  3. Look at the number next to "sites linking in"
  4. Click on the actual number to find out which sites link to your website


How to get more sites linking to your site:

1) Create great content on your site

One of the simplest ways to increase links is to incorporate a blog on your website and writing weekly. If you're providing valuable information and resources, others will share your information and link to your site.

2) Create great content on other sites

Write guest blogs or articles for other sites and include links to your website in the article or your author information. You'll notice at the end of each of my blog posts on this site is a paragraph about me with links to my website. That's what I'm talking about.

3) Ask for links

Whenever you do any kind of media interview that has an online article ask that a link to your site be included in the story. The writers or producers may not automatically include links in the story. They aren't thinking about how to boost your SEO. That's your job. I did two interviews this week on different sites that included links to my websites: Taking Mental Health Therapy Online (WCG Common Sense blog) and The Virtual Therapist Can See You Now (Sharecare blog).

4) Exchange links

If you have colleagues who refer to you, or other professional partners, ask them to put a link to your site on their website and offer to link to their site too. I have a page on my practice website called "partners" that links to professionals that we trust (<--did you notice that I just linked to my practice website). Creative Commons License photo credit: Ravages

Check and see how many sites are linking to your practice website. Post the number in the comments below.