Lights. Camera. Therapy! National TV Debut Tonight

I let a camera crew film two therapy sessions for the TV series "Secretly Pregnant" airing tonight at 10:00 PM ET/8:00 PM MT on Discovery Fit & Health. While I have a lot of TV experience I've never been this nervous about it. I think it's because I have NO idea how the therapy sessions will be edited and I don't know how much of the sessions will actually be included in the episode. Oh, and this is national TV, not local TV.

How did I get on national TV?

One word: Google. Several months ago I got a call from a NY based casting company who had found my practice information online, saw that I had TV experience, and that I specialized in working with women's emotional health and relationships. They asked if I’d be willing to do some pro bono therapy on camera with a Salt Lake City woman for a women’s health documentary show about women who are hiding their pregnancies. I agreed and the next day a producer, crew, and new client “Jen” came to Wasatch Family Therapy to film the first of 2 sessions for the show.

Sneak peak behind the scenes

Here's a peek behind the scenes with the crew "invading" my therapy office to set up lights and cameras before a session.

Mixed emotions

The therapist part of me is having a hard time thinking about the rich emotional experiences of two therapy session that will not be included in tonight's episode. The vain part of me hopes I look OK on camera. The entrepreneur in me is thrilled about the national exposure for my therapy clinic. The social worker/therapist in me loves that I had the opportunity to do pro bono work and help an amazing woman navigate an extremely difficult time in her life, and that her story will inspire other women who've suffered the loss of an infant to reach out for support.

Would you let a camera crew film one of your therapy session? Surprisingly, after a while I forgot that the crew was even there and I was really able to tune in to and connect with “Jen."

More about "Jen's" touching story

After delivering a stillborn baby nine months ago, Jen now finds herself pregnant again and scheduled to deliver on the anniversary of her baby's death. Feeling alone with no friends to support her during her loss, she fears going through loss again. (

Still therapy even with cameras

Luckily, from the moment I met "Jen," we clicked, and were able to develop a rapport and quickly get to the heart of her pain. Working with "Jen" was a professional highlight for me and reminded me why I love being a therapist. To be allowed in to the most tender parts of a client's heart and the most difficult times in client's life is an honor.