Why Therapists Need An Elevator Speech: Crafting Your Basic Message (part 2)

LAX elevator lightingAn elevator speech, or practice message, is the building block of marketing your private therapy practice. Getting comfortable saying what you do and how your work helps your clients is essential to drawing additional clients to your practice. In case you missed it, here's a link to Why Therapists Need an Elevator Speech (part 1). A great resource for developing your basic practice message is Lynn Grodzki's book Building Your Ideal Practice. Ms. Grodzki outlines four styles for crafting your basic practice message. Try these out and see which one flows most naturally.

Style 1 “I specialize in______________;

I really enjoy______________________.”

Style 2 “I support ____________________

in their desire to ______________________

by means of _________________________.”

Style 3 “You know how __________________?

Well I ___________________________.”

Style 4 “If you ______________________________,

I’m the kind of therapist who can help you to  _____________ .

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you've crafted your message, practice saying it out loud to yourself, and to others, until it becomes second nature.  Next time someone asks you what you do for work, you'll comfortably and succinctly be able to talk about your practice in a way that accurately describes who you love to work with and the benefits that clients receive from working with you.

Elevator Speech and Social Media

An elevator speech is particularly important when interacting and networking on social media sites because you have a limited number of characters to use in your descriptions, tweets, status, or posts.

Work on your basic message and get ready for a social media elevator speech challenge later this week!

Creative Commons License photo credit: dj venus